About Us

Swine models provide a platform for accelerated, efficient and cost-effective preclinical development of novel therapies and devices, resulting in high translatability of data.

Through both academic and industry partnerships, our center leverages the biomedical research infrastructure, resources, and expertise at UW–Madison to conduct innovative basic and translational research on human diseases utilizing swine models. This enables early discovery of potential hurdles, providing the opportunity for strategic redirection while avoiding costly late-stage failures. CBSRI possesses a combination of components that make biomedical research and development in swine uniquely possible, practical, and highly efficient. This includes:

  • the availability of a human-sized miniature swine breed
  • genetically-engineered swine models
  • breeding and housing facilities for large-scale swine research
  • expertise in swine-specific medical procedures and veterinary care
  • state-of-the-art medical imaging dedicated to swine research
  • stem cell lines derived from the swine models
  • supporting research services (e.g., pathology, histopathology, toxicology, -omic analyses and bioinformatics)

all under one roof.

aerial view of campus

Our three mission areas:

(1) Research & Discovery, (2) Preclinical & Co-Clinical Development, (3) Education & Training

Faculty Directors

Dixon Kaufman

Credentials: MD, PhD, FACS

Position title: Professor, Dept of Surgery (SMPH)

Email: kaufman@surgery.wisc.edu

Dhanansayan (Dhanu) Shanmuganayagam

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Assistant Professor, Dept of Animal and Dairy Sciences (CALS); Assistant Professor, Dept of Surgery (SMPH)

Email: dshanmug@wisc.edu


Jenn Carson

Credentials: MS

Position title: Administrative Director

Email: jennifer.carson@wisc.edu

Taeyoung Shin

Credentials: DVM, MS, PhD

Position title: Cloning Director

Email: taeyoung@wisc.edu

Open Positions