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We are happy to discuss new opportunities and partnerships, and have the knowledge and expertise needed to help move exciting new clinically relevant therapies and technologies forward.

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Ways to Partner

We use several types of contractual agreements to meet the needs and interests of industry. Below are brief descriptions of the most common types of agreements.

Sponsored Research

Agreements that cover research of mutual interest to a UW investigator and a company, and that the sponsoring company funds, in whole or in part.

Fee for Service Agreements

Agreements that cover work consisting of the execution of a predefined or repetitive process, or the production of a product that meets predefined specifications.

Exchanging Information and Materials

CBSRI uses confidentiality agreements and material transfer agreements to protect proprietary information while it is in our researchers’ possession. Nondisclosure and material transfer agreements are also used to enable the Center to provide companies with CBSRI information and materials that is considered confidential.

Use of CBSRI-Developed Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) developed by the CBSRI is licensed through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. WARF provides companies with opportunities to acquire rights in CBSRI inventions and copyrights. Licenses may be nonexclusive or exclusive depending on the nature of the IP and the business fields that the licenses will be used to pursue.

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