Swine Model Creation

The editing of the swine genome for the creation of novel biomedical swine models of human disease is led by Dr. Shanmuganayagam. The UW team has refined the genetic model creation pipeline (including CRISPR/Cas9 editing) to have an efficiency that matches, or even surpasses, that of the most renowned research groups in the field. Additionally, the availability of expertise, instrumentation and infrastructure for state-of-the-art genome sequencing, -omics capabilities and bioinformatics complement the creation of the models by allowing rapid molecular and cellular characterization of genotype-phenotype relationships. Currently, several novel swine models, including a number of rare-disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease models, have been developed. Other ongoing programs include the humanization of swine for xenotransplantation of organs into human patients.

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researcher injects DNA into pig embryos
A UW researcher injects DNA into pig embryos at the Biotechnology Center at the UW-Madison. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)
DNA is injected into a pig embryo
As seen through a microscope, DNA is injected into a pig embryo. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)