Wisconsin Miniature Swine

Research to improve human health

Wisconsin Miniature Swine™

Our central mission is to innovate and accelerate the discovery and preclinical development of clinically relevant therapies and technologies.

As the only center of its kind in the United States, the Center for Biomedical Swine Research and Innovation (CBSRI) leverages the translatability of research in pig models and UW–Madison’s unique swine and biomedical research infrastructure, resources, and expertise to conduct innovative basic and translational research on human diseases.


  • New Faculty Director: Dr. Tanja Dominko

    Welcome to our new Faculty Director, Dr. Tanja Dominko! Tanja Dominko, DVM, PhD, is a Professor in the Division of Transplantation and the Faculty Director of the Center for Biomedical Swine Research and Innovation (CBSRI). …

  • Nature paper in Xenotransplantation

    “Design and testing of a humanized porcine donor for xenotransplantation” published Oct 11, 2023

  • Nature Aging paper on age-related changes

    “Universal DNA methylation age across mammalian tissues” published Aug 10, 2023, featuring the Wisconsin Mini Swine prominent in the analysis.

  • Register Now! Swine in Biomedical Research Conference June 2024

    UW-Madison will again host a biomedical swine conference June 14-18, 2024, fostering collaborations between clinicians, biomedical researchers, animal scientists, and the biomedical industry. Register now!